"Ultrasonic Humidifier"

Industrial ultrasonic humidifier !


It converts 14 liters of water into 1 micrometer sized cold steam in 1 hour and distributes it to the environment through 600 m3 / hour fans.


After the desired humidity range is selected, the machine always automatically starts and stops to maintain this level.


After the water inlets of the device are made, you do not need to add water again through transportation. The machine makes the water supply itself.


With its built-in industrial sensor, it measures ambient humidity and temperature precisely and operates or stops accordingly.


With its 4 wheels, you can take it anywhere without lifting it, and it is easy to clean thanks to its polypropylene (plastic) structure.

MADE IN Turkey

Maybe we did not produce electronic parts, but the software (brain) that dominates the electronic parts, and the device is completely our work, domestic and national!


It is the technology that breaks water with ultrasonic sound waves and transforms it from liquid to cold vapor. Working at frequencies that the human ear cannot hear (Ultra Sound), the water in drinking cleaning is converted into cold steam with vibrating piezzo motors. It is also spread to the environment by means of fans that are not affected by moisture.

Ultrasonic humidifiers, cold storage, vegetable / fruit storage, industrial product storage and storage, warehouse, international cargo companies' warehouses, poultry farms, worm breeding tents, ovine / cattle barns, vegetable / fruit greenhouses, mushroom production facilities and mushrooms. It is used in the line of business.

It consumes much less water compared to conventional pressurized humidifiers. While normal pressure humidifiers work almost as loud as a generator, sleep is quiet enough to sleep in an environment with an ultrasonic humidifier. It does not cause puddles in the ground and environment. There are no rotting, foaming or deformations due to water and excessive moisture in the environment. It ensures that the moisture is spread evenly in the environment. It provides high quality and weight harvesting in mushroom production. Cold steam also prevents the ambient temperature from increasing and reduces your electricity consumption cost by providing a natural coolness.

It uses this technology as a favorite of mushroom producers in the world. Although it is very new in our country, ultrasonic humidifier technology is used in China and America, the world's most mushroom producing countries. The word "miracle" is used for this technology. Ultrasonic humidifiers are the first choice of professional facilities and conscious producers because the productivity is high because they can perfectly meet the moisture requirement of mushrooms and the loss due to wetness is "0". Humidification with conventional pressurized motors causes excessive water consumption, creates a high noise environment and initiates rotting in the production area because the floor is always wet, as it is necessary to control humidity 24/7 days in mushroom production, Most importantly, because it soaks the mushrooms, the damage reaches hundreds of kilos in just one flash. Ultrasonic humidifiers can be defined as a revolution, a miracle in mushroom production. It has been determined by foreign sources that by preventing high humidity due to excessive irrigation, which causes many diseases in cultivated mushroom production, it reduces Spider Web, Wet Bubble and especially Brown Spot disease which is the most common and affects yield 10 times.

If a sustainable production is a high efficiency with minimum consumption and labor, the aim is an indispensable part of your ultrasonic humidifier inventory!


Stainless steel ultrasonik humidifier machine
Model UNC-1 UNC-2 UNC-3 UNC-4
It is a model which prepared for companies who has automation panels, it leaves the control to the automation panel. It is in the smart device category. It opens and closes by itself to keep the humidity level at the desired level continuously. For companies that do not have an automation panel.
* Field, is directly related with your usage purpose and the ceiling height! If you are going to use it for the mushroom shop and there is high air flow with powerful fans inside, at least 2 devices may be required for an area of ​​100 m2. The situation can be different for systems such as tent systems and humidifying places such as building basements. However, for places where there is no high air flow, 1 device can meet the moisture requirement up to 150 m2. If you cannot decide about the place to use and the number of needs, please consult us!
Case Type Plastic Plastic Plastic Stainless Steel
Capacity 14 Liter/Hour 7 Liter/Hour 14 Liter/Hour 14 Liter/Hour
Voltage 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz
Power (Watt) 620 Watt 320 Watt 640 Watt 640 Watt
Current 11.5 A 6 A 12.5 A 12.5 A
Steam Flow 583 m3/Hour 290 m3/Hour 583 m3/Hour 583 m3/Hour
Field* 100 m2 50 m2 100 m2 100 m2
Moisture Exit Chimneys 75 mm x 2 75 mm x 2 75 mm x 2 75 mm x 2
Working Range (Temperature) 5℃~30℃ 5℃~30℃ 5℃~30℃ 5℃~30℃
Net Weight 9 Kg 9.8 Kg 13 Kg 40 Kg
Packaged Weight 11 Kg 11.8 Kg 15 Kg 46 Kg
Machine Dimension
60 cm x 50 cm x 54 cm 60 cm x 50 cm x 57 cm 60 cm x 50 cm x 57 cm 75 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm
Packaged Dimensions 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm 65 cm x 65 cm x 65 cm 65 cm x 65 cm x 65 cm 77 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm
Maintenance Hour 5000 Hours 5000 Hours 5000 Hours 5000 Hours
Humidity & Temperature Control No Yes Yes Yes
FOB Price (Exclude shipping fee.) USD 775$ USD 710$ USD 850$ USD 1100$


Our prices and discounts are made by considering cash payment. Steam output power, compared to 2.4 times higher than in Turkey amateur competitors sold 14 liter / h kapasitelel our machines can not do discounts of up to 3 intake.

1-2 Machine | Discount rate %0 - Delivery - * please ask.
3-4 Machines | Discount rate %4 - Delivery - * please ask.
5+  Machines | Discount rate %6 - Delivery - * please ask.

* Delivery times may vary depending on the current density. Please get the current delivery time information from us.


1-) Supply of ceramic heads for 5000 hours maintenance.

1-) Telephone support, repair or replacement in possible machine malfunctions.

1-) One-to-one part replacement for defects caused by us for 1 (one) year.


It has been realized with the work of the team leader, who has been operating in the software sector since 1998, with 1 mechatronics engineer and 1 electrical and electronics engineer. He has already developed many advanced software systems and the path of the team leader, who has been working for years, has crossed with this machine because of the need. We can say that cost a fee as you brought from abroad 1400 USD, and moreover demands 100% in the world who thought it would meet only adventure of a three-person team has decided to start from somewhere to be able to produce in these devices are produced in Turkey.


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