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"Ultrasonic Humidifier"

Industrial ultrasonic humidifier !


It converts water into cold steam in the dimensions of 1 micrometer and distributes it to the environment through 600m³/hour fans.


Once the desired humidity range has been selected, the machine always starts and stops on its own to maintain this level.


After the water inlet connection of the device is made, the machine makes the water reinforcement itself. You do not need to add water manually.


With its built-in industrial sensor, it performs sensitive, ambient humidity and temperature measurements , works or stops accordingly.


WWith its wheel attachable feet, you can drive your machine to wherever you want and it is easy to clean thanks to its fiberglass structure.

MADE IN Turkey

Although it is not yet 100% national, we are preparing ourselves for the future by creating a detailed and sensitive infrastructure with confident steps.


You can operate by sensor or in timed mode! Ability to work with both sensor and timer feature in one machine!


The design and software of the electronic cards we use in our machines are made by us.

Sensor (Humidity & Temperature Sensor)

Humidity: %1.8 and Temperature: %0.2 with margin of accuracy, the design and software of the best sensor cards in the industry are made by us.


It is a technology that breaks down water with ultrasonic sound waves and converts it from liquid to cold steam. With piezzo motors vibrating at frequencies that the human ear cannot hear (Ultra Sound), drinking water is converted into cold steam. It is spread to the environment by means of fans that are not affected by humidity.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are used in many business lines such as cold storages, vegetable/fruit storages, industrial product storage and storage, warehouses, warehouses of international cargo companies, poultry farms, worm breeding tents, small cattle/cattle barns, vegetable/fruit greenhouses, mushroom production facilities and mushroom factories.

It consumes much less water than conventional pressure humidifiers. While normal pressure humidifiers work almost as noisily as a generator, they are quiet enough to sleep in an environment with an ultrasonic humidifier. It definitely does not accumulate water in the ground and environment. Decay, foaming, deformities due to water and excessive moisture do not occur in the environment.It ensures that the humidity spreads evenly throughout the environment.In mushroom production, it provides the possibility of high quality and weight harvest. Cold steam also prevents the ambient temperature from increasing and provides a natural coolness, at the same time reducing your electricity consumption cost.

Around the world, mushroom growers often use this technology as their favorite. Although it is still very new in our country, ultrasonic humidifier technology is used in China and America, the world's top mushroom producing countries. The word "miracle" is used for this technology. Because ultrasonic humidifiers are the first choice of professional facilities and conscious producers because they can provide the moisture needs of mushrooms perfectly, the yield is high and the loss due to wetness is "0". Since mushroom production requires precise humidity control 24/7, humidifying the environment with conventional pressurized motors causes excessive water consumption, creates a high noise environment and starts rotting in the production area as the floor is always wet, and most importantly, since it soaks the mushrooms, the damage reaches hundreds of kilos even in just 1 flash. Ultrasonic humidifiers in mushroom production can be described as a revolution, a miracle. It has been determined by foreign sources that it prevents high humidity due to excessive irrigation, which causes many diseases in cultivated mushroom production, and reduces Spider Web, Wet Blister and especially the most common Brown Spot disease, which affects the yield very much, by 10 times.

If the goal is sustainable production, high efficiency with minimum consumption and labor, the ultrasonic humidifier is a must for your inventory!
7Litre Endüstriyel Ultrasonik Nemlendirici
  • Capacity: 7 Liters/Hour (Min:6.5L - Max:7.5L)
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Mist Output: Single Vent (1x110mm)
  • Operating System: Turkish or English
    Any language can be applied in bulk order.
  • Power Cable: 3m (Black) EU Type.
  • Sensor Cable: 7m (Extendable up to 1200m.)
  • Fan Thrust: 295m³/hour (4 levels. Min:74m³ - Max: 295m³)
  • Working Principle: By sensor or timer.
14Litre Endüstriyel Ultrasonik Nemlendirici
  • Capacity: 14 Liters/Hour (Min:13L - Max:15L)
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Mist Output: 2 Vents (2x90mm)
  • Operating System: Turkish or English
    Any language can be applied in bulk order.
  • Power Cable: 3m (Black) EU Type.
  • Sensor Cable: 7m (Extendable up to 1200m.)
  • Fan Thrust: 589m³/hour (4 levels. Min:147m³ - Max: 549m³)
  • Working Principle: By sensor or timer.
21Litre ve 28Litre Endüstriyel Ultrasonik Nemlendirici
  • Capacity: 21 and 28Liters/Hour
  • Weight: 21L: 19Kg - 28L: 21Kg
  • Mist Output: 3 Vents (3x70mm)
  • Operating System: Turkish or English
    Any language can be applied in bulk order.
  • Power Cable: 3m (Black) EU Type.
  • Sensor Cable: 7m (Extendable up to 1200m.)
  • Fan Thrust: 589m³/hour (4 levels. Min:147m³ - Max: 549m³)
  • Working Principle: By sensor or timer.


Stainless steel ultrasonik humidifier machine
Model UNC-SS-1.4 UNC-FB-7 UNC-FB-14 UNC-FB-21 UNC-FB-28
* The Area of Effect is directly related to your intended use, the space you use and the ceiling height! If you are going to use it for a mushroom house and there are powerful fans and high air flow inside, at least 2 devices may be required for an area of 100m². The situation can be different for systems such as tent systems and for humidifying places such as building basements. However, for places where there is no high air flow, 1 device can meet the humidity requirement up to 150m². Please consult us if you cannot decide where you will use and how much you need!
Case Type Stainless Steel (304) Fiberglass
Capacity 1.4 Liters/Hour 7 Liters/Hour 14 Liters/Hour 21 Liters/Hour 28 Liters/Hour
Voltage 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz
Power (Watt) 56 Watt 295 Watt 594 Watt 880 Watt 1166 Watt
Current 1.5 A 1.34 A 2.7 A 4 A 5.3 A
Steam Flow Rate 33 m³/hour 295 m³/hour 589 m³/hour 884 m³/hour 1178 m³/hour
Impact Area * 16 m² 50 m² 100 m² 150 m² 200 m²
Humidity Outlet Chimneys 5 mm x 130mm 110 mm x 1 90 mm x 2 70 mm x 3 70 mm x 3
Working Range (Outside Temperature) 5℃~40℃ 5℃~40℃
Net Weight 5.5 Kg 15 Kg 17 Kg 19 Kg 21 Kg
Packaged Weight 6.9 Kg 24 Kg 26 Kg 28 Kg 30 Kg
Machine Dimension(Lng.)x(Hgt.)x(Wth.) 15x20x15cm 63.5x43.5x42cm
Packaged Dimensions 32x32x26cm 66x46x44cm
Maintenance Hour 5000 Hours 5000 Hours
Humidity & Temperature Control Available Available
Timer Feature Available Available
FOB Price (Exclude shipping fee.) USD - USD 700$ USD 870$ USD 1.090$ USD 1.300$


Our prices and discounts are based on advance payment. Steam output power is 2.4 times higher than the amateur competitors sold in Turkey compared to the 14 Liters / Hour capacity of our machines, we can not make discounts up to 3 units of purchase.

1-2 Machines | Discount rate %0 - Delivery - * please ask.
3-4 Machines | Discount rate %4 - Delivery - * please ask.
5+  Machines | Discount rate %6 - Delivery - * please ask.

* Delivery times may vary according to the current density situation. Please ask us for current delivery time information.
With DHL Express, delivery from Turkey to even the most distant points of the world in a maximum of 7 days, and at really with good prices!


1-) Paid mist maker supply for 5000 hours maintenance.
2-) Supply of ceramic head.

1-) Telephone support in case of possible machine malfunctions, repair or replacement.

1-) 1 (one) year one-to-one part replacement for faults caused by us.


When the ultrasonic humidifier machine is running, if there is no obstacle 2 meters in front of the steam outlet chimneys where the steam will hit and condense, it will not create a single drop of wetness in the environment. Even if the humidity level is above 95%, if the working environment of the machine is under normal conditions and the moisture released from the machine is absorbed by the environment or objects / creatures in the environment, even if slowly, that is, if there is a regular release-consumption cycle, it does not make a single drop in any way.
Yes, you can circulate the cold steam provided by our machine in the ducts with PCV pipes and distribute it to the environment as you wish.But it should not be forgotten that the cold steam traveling in the pipes will start to condense every second it hits the inner surface of the PVC and your steam flow rate will decrease and your steam will turn into water.The steam with an initial output power of 1 unit from the mouth of the machine will drop to below 0.7 units until it reaches the holes of the PVC. For this reason, if you have such a usage plan, we recommend that you use a machine that corresponds to at least half of your current capacity, or even 1 times more if possible. In other words, 28 Liters should be preferred instead of 14 Liters.
No, our ultrasonic humidifier machines we sell are local production. The plan, project, assembly and software were made by Turkish engineers in Turkey. Of course, we have to buy parts that do not have the production technology and infrastructure in Turkey by having them produced by the manufacturer factories we have contracted abroad, but all technical planning, software is 100% our own and some parts are supplied from Turkish factories. To summarize; we take care to use all products that have alternatives in Turkey as much as we can.
There is no clear answer to this question yet.Because we have been intensively introducing ultrasonic humidifier technology to Turkey since 2019. Almost all factories with machines working in them are just discovering that the environment is extremely dry and that both their raw materials and the machines that process the raw materials need moisture, but how exactly they can meet it. Dry machines fail quickly, they cannot work properly. With dry raw materials, waste increases or the output quality of the processed product does not meet expectations. For these reasons, we receive calls from new and different sectors almost every week. But so far, we can say that textile (production, printing, storage), food (tobacco, coffee beans, citrus, cold storage, potato and onion warehouses), plastics (preventing paint pigment drying), cardboard production (front of paper cup production machine), agriculture (greenhouse, seedling cultivation, oyster and mushroom production rooms), wood processing (archery and preservation of some tropical trees) and processing factories are in the first place.
Whatever the outer casing, all the electrical and electronic components we use inside are the same. Only when we started this business, in order to keep the price at more reasonable levels and make it more accessible, we used and use a plastic outer casing that does not belong to us but is locally produced. We think we can offer a more affordable and accessible price with this case. However, as of June 2022, we switched to the fiberglass outer casing, which will be the first in the world, in order to reflect professionalism and corporate identity to the product. With the emergence of a very light and very durable product, we minimize internal and international shipping costs.
The lifespan of a mist maker operating under optimal conditions is up to 5000 hours (Use of poor-quality water significantly reduces its lifespan). The only periodic maintenance requirement for your machine is this. In our machines, one mist maker is used for every 7 liters of capacity. Therefore, when replacing 2 mist maker for a 14-liter machine, your machine will start producing intense and high-quality mist just like the first day.
We are constantly under development. From the software we use to the electronic parts, we are in a continuous development change until we achieve perfection. We make changes and improvements if necessary with the feedback we collect from our customers who are users of our machine from different sectors in the field. We localize, develop and change what is possible. We had a stable configuration in 2020. We could have produced this way for a very long time, but our improvements will continue to reach a unique point.
We work with DHL Express. We send our products to even the most remote points of the world within 4-8 business days with door-to-door delivery option. Our products appear in customs as industrial ultrasonic humidifier and hs code: 847960000000.


Since 1998, the team leader, who has been operating in the software industry, has been working with 1 mechatronics engineer and 1 electrical and electronics engineer. The team leader, who has already developed many advanced software systems and has been working for years, crossed paths with this machine because of the need. We can say that it is the adventure of a team of 3 people who decided to start from somewhere in order to produce these devices in Turkey, which are produced only in China, because it costs 1400 USD to bring them from abroad and also because of the thought that they cannot meet the demand 100%.


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